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QBU, a new Irish accessories brand bringing you customisable handbags! How does it work? Choose your bag, choose your strap...check you out! 

QBU accessories have a clean geometric style that works with every season, just pop a different strap on and you're ready to go. In our first collection we have six bags available in classic black and a very versatile grey and we have a whopping nine strap styles available in ten colours. It can be tough to decide but it is loads of fun and we love to see all of the mad combinations made. All of our straps with chains can be cut to a customised length to be inclusive of people of all all sizes, just pop us a note of how long you want yours when ordering!

All of the bags are made with the finest European materials. The Italian leather is veg-tan and zero-waste which means everything used in the process is recycled back in and trees are planted to offset any carbon emissions. It was very important to us to support local by sourcing all our materials within Europe and keeping our manufacturing in Ireland and Scotland. 


Quotes and notes!

- Nicole Jackson started the brand. She studied fashion design in LSAD but why did she move into accessories? "I was completely inspired by the Tassenmuseum in Amsterdam, I had a lightbulb moment and went with it. Accessories are a great way to switch up your look and these bags can be changed and updated to do this whenever you want. Also, unlike some clothes a handbag always fits!" 

- The brand is based in the countryside in Galway (in the garage of Nicole's parents).

- The first collection launched in March 2018.

- The range is inspired by 16th Century handbags found in the Tassenmuseum in Amsterdam, which feature customised bags as standard within that era. “I was looking at women’s chatelaines from the sixteenth century. Ladies could customise their chatelaines to suit the day at hand, clipping on and off certain parts they needed for that particular day. While we don’t carry around sewing notions any more, the idea of clipping on and off what you need, changing the look of a bag and customising it stayed with me.”

- Each bag comes with its own birth cert telling you when and where it was made and what batch it was made in.



Press coverage
"It led to the launch this year of a unique Irish customisable bags range called QBU which can now be found in the popup Irish designer shop Bloss in Dundrum."
Bags of style
The Irish Times Magazine - November 03, 2018
"A new accessory brand has just launched in Irish shores which is sure to give high-fashion brands such as Loewe a run for its money."
QBU Accessories: The new accessory brand that Irish fashionistas will love
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