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Big black and grey handbag with asymmetrical cut off detail. Perfect gift to show you care as you design a bag specifically for a loved one. Large light grey handbag with customisable strap from new Irish accessories brand QBU. Front view of large, asymmetrical handbag cut off. Design it you way by choosing your own strap. New Irish accessories brand Queen Bitch of the Universe. Side view of large trapezoid handbag. Fits all you need for the day. Light grey Italian leather. Back view of Rowa handbag. Designed in Ireland and made in the UK from all European materials. View of the inside of large handbag. Irish linen, Swiss zips, Italian leather are the components that make up this ethical handbag. Snow white handbag strap with light grey handbag. Beautiful tonal accessories look. Crafted with care in Scotland with only European materials as ethical brand QBU supports local. Light grey structured handbag. Big enough to fit your daily needs. New Irish accessories brand QBU creates geometric styled handbags for everyday luxury. Light blue and grey handbag strap and bag. A gorgeous luxury handbag for every day. Customise your own handbag or create one for a loved one with new ethical accessories brand QBU. Here we see orange and grey leather teamed in a bright and colourful look. Yellow leather handbag strap to pop on to your light grey Rowa handbag for a bright and colourful look. Luxury Italian leather red handbag strap on a geometric grey leather handbag. Dress up your bag every day by changing the strap on your QBU bag. Slow fashion accessories brand QBU is bringing you the forever bag which you can update each season with a new strap. Choose from a range of ten colours to design your own bag. Irish based business focused on supporting local by only using European materials. Grey handbag with a deep purple handbag strap. This is a classy and standout everyday handbag from new Irish accessories brand QBU.

Rowa | Grey

Rowa | Grey




Irena Sendlerowa, a hero of WWII, inspired the name of this Cutting Corners bag. Rowa is the largest QBU so far. It can fit your water, little umbrella, phone, purse and all the other little things. Rowa is the bag for the busy woman who brings her lunch with her and is ready for anything! Rowa has a strong zip to mind your belongings, a zip pocket inside and a patch pocket. She looks great with any of the straps so have fun choosing!

H19cm W24-28cm D10-15cm

Find out about all of the materials used and how to take care of your bag and strap in the About page.