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Cool new accessories brand from the West of Ireland. QBU's Kelly Kania Handeldiss bag is customisable so you can have a black strap and a black bag like in this picture or pick a different colour strap to change it up a bit. Kelly Kania Handeldiss bag in black with a green strap. New customisable handbag brand QBU based in Ireland. All materials and manufacturers are European. Front view of Kelly bag. Blocky design with wrapping flap closure. Designed by a new, contemporary Irish accessories brand called QBU. Favouring ethical fashion the materials are locally sourced within Europe and the manufacture is done in small batch production in Scotland. 3/4 view of black Kelly handbag. Beautiful Italian zero impact leather. Cool cuboid designed handbag. Perfect for a shutterbug. All of the materials are sourced within Europe. Bags are designed in Ireland and made in Scotland. Back view of black Italian leather Kelly bag. New ethical, Irish accessories brand QBU only uses European sourced materials. The brand only produced bags in small production runs, they are made in Scotland and designed in the west of Ireland. Inside view of QBU's Kelly handbag. Safe zip closure, Irish line lining and sturdy design. Fits a phone, camera, purse, glasses etc. Italian leather, Scottish manufacture and Irish design. Black and white leather. Shocking white strap on a black handbag. Customise your own bag by choosing whatever strap you want. Italian sustainable leather. Black Italian leather handbag with grey strap. Design your own bag with new Irish brand QBU. Ice blue handbag strap teamed with a black cuboid shaped bag. Perfect every day bag. Italian leather, Irish design, Scottish manufacture. Orange leather handbag strap with black leather handbag. Sustainable Italian leather. Beautiful Irish linen lining. Custom handbag. Irish designer from Galway. Scottish made product. Sunset coral handbag strap on this Kelly bag. Create your own handbag design with new Irish accessories brand QBU. Ethical materials including sustainable Italian leather and Irish linen lining. Made in EU. Red and black leather handbag design. Create your own, choose your own strap. Rectangular handbag shape. Edgy design. Designed in Connemara, made in Scotland. Yellow leather strap teamed with a black leather handbag. Contemporary Irish accessories. QBU is bringing you buildable handbags. Supports ethical fashion by producing in small production runs in Scotland. Aubergine coloured leather strap with a contemporary handbag. Exclusive accessories brand QBU lets you design your own handbag. All made in the EU by adults.

Kelly Kania Handeldiss | Black

Kelly Kania Handeldiss | Black




Kelly Kania Handeldiss (Michelle? Beyonce?) is a gorgeous cuboid! Kelly fits all the usual handbag contents and because she’s long and shallow you can see everything at once. Kelly has a strong zip to hold everything in, a zip pocket on the inside and a patch pocket too. She’s square and cool and will go with any of the straps so have fun picking!

H12cm W24cm D12.5cm

Find out about all of the materials used and how to take care of your bag and strap in the About page.